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Shure HD280 Headphones
  • Features: 1/4" and 1/8" adaptable audio jack.
  • Review: This are fairly loud, comfortable headphones. Great for tracking and also for casual listening. However, casual listener beware: the 1/8" audio jack is becoming increasingly rare.
  • Apple Airpods In-ear Headphones
  • Features: expremely portable, wireless.
  • Review: The pill-like smoothness of the case makes pocketing these natural. The case charges and durably protects. The buds themselves are comfortable and have solid low-end bass.
  • Apple Airpods Max Over-ear Headphones
  • Features: sound cancellation.
  • Review: Somewhat limited dynamically and with volume, the AirPods Max are nevertheless comfortable and have good noise cancellation, making them ideal for travel. Cons: expensive, only consumer-grade sound quality.
  • Portable Speakers

    Jawbone Jambox Mini Bluetooth Speaker
  • Features: Portable, wireless.
  • Review: Jambox has unfortunately gone out-of-business. But, these are durable small speakers with fashionable aesthetic.
  • Home Speakers

    Adam A7X Pro Monitor Speaker
  • Features: Full-body woofer, detailed tweeter.
  • Review: These Adam speakers are second to none. The pro audiophile would love these at a computer workstation or for a home theater.
  • Yamaha HS7 Monitor Speaker
  • Features: a flat, natural frequency response.
  • These are middle-of-the line speakers. Not as expensive as the Adam A7X, they are also in a class of their own for their unaffected sound.